Organic Salmon

Resting on the edge of Scotland's north-west coast, is a community made up of crofters, fisherman and warm hearted people. It's survival of the fittest to make it along the long twisty single track road to this extraordinary place, but for the ones who make it, the effort is more than worth it.

Our organic breeder Keith fell in love with the place back in the 1970´s and is definitely one of these fine warm hearted people. He is a fiery soul and uncompromising in respect of quality, environment and animal welfare.

A bite of our organic salmon should be enough to convince anyone that the organic salmon has had lots of reasons to swish its tail.
The salmons are growing up in step with and in accordance with nature. The Atlantic ocean provide plentiful and constant turnover of clean fresh seawater, in double the space of conventional marine farms.