pasteurized and packed by the glass in the following sizes: 95 gr. (24 units per master) - 500 gr. (5 units per master)

Trout Roe

Trout roe from the Salmo Trutta species, started out as a little used by-product of the fish farming industry. Today it is considered a high quality delicacy, primarily used as a starter or ingredient for sauces and fish dishes. It is also used frequently in sushi restaurants.
The roe come from Danish fish farms and are only processed during the “season”, which runs from December to the end of March. The roe are subjected to extensive quality control so that only the very best are used, with strict quality control specifying both the colour and size of the eggs. Minimal salt is added so that the trout roe retain their characteristic taste and smell.
There are no artificial additives.