Sizes available: 30 grams – 50 grams – 100 grams - 250 grams – 950 grams

White Sturgeon Traditional


The White Sturgeon is an ancient species that can live in the wild for up to 100 years, growing to a weight of over 400 kg and a maximum length of 6 meters. Thanks to conservation efforts, the White Sturgeon flourishes on a diet of hormonefree food, in natural ponds fed by pure ground waters. Originally from a brood stock of Californian White Sturgeon (Transmontanus), these fish are born in captivity and are meticulously cared for until the caviar is ready to be processed – up to 11 years later. The result is a beautiful mid to large-grain roe much like the finest Oscietra, with a rich, sweet flavour that hints of a floral essence similar to that found in fleur de sel.