Since 2006, we have experienced a dramatic decline in the availability of wild Caspian Caviar. The qualities of wild-sourced Sevruga, Oscietre and Beluga on the European and US market have not been equal to the quality of their farmed counterpart. The unstable quality and the pricing policy of Iran and Russia have led us to focus on more sustainable alternatives.

It is our experience that 90 percent of the “wild” caviar currently available on the European as well as US market is sold to customers at very high prices, beyond its intrinsic value. Of course, some wonderful wild Caspian caviar is out there, but unfortunately as a consumer, in most cases one would have to go to the Caspian Sea to get it. It is our main focus to provide customers around the world with fresh, fine caviar. Buying Rossini Caviar means buying ensured quality; none of our caviar has ever been pasteurized and all tins are clearly marked with lot numbers and CITES approvals. When dealing with Caspian caviar, that guarantee has proved too difficult to ensure.

We are keeping a close eye on developments in the Caspian region, and will make decisions accordingly, but for now we recommend that customers focus more on quality farmed caviar, and inferior Caspian caviar packed by the glass.

Caspian Caviar