The Lucky Sister of Beluga

The mighty beluga is dying, and her legendary eggs are often only a weak reflection of the experiences of taste of the past. Seruga- and oscietre caviare are still extremely tasteful, but are more and more difficult to catch, because other wild sturgeons in the Caspian Sea are threatened by extermination.
They have good reason to be envious of their Siberian little sister, who live safely and well in farms in France. The sturgeon baerii provides caviare of a quality, which equals Iranian sevruga - quite without the after-taste of a bad conscience.
Rene Redzepi, cook and co-owner of the restaurant "NOMA", takes a soft bone spoon with a little portion of eggs to his lips and stops. The intense aromas waft to the nose. Slowly he opens his mouth and let the eggs hit his tongue.

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