Genuine kaviar with suprises

by Ole Troelsø

Which genuine kaviar tastes best?
The one from a wild Beluga, the one from a bred white Sturgeon or one of the seven others, which were part of the paper's blind test.
Genuine kaviar may be many things. Rule No. 1 - the altogether invariable is that the eggs must come from a fish of the Sturgeon family. Genuine Sturgeon kaviar may, as the only one in marketing purposes be called "caviare" according to the Danish language advisory committee referring to an EU-rule. The rule further says that no other kind of fish eggs may be called "caviar", but willingly kaviar.
There are many types of sturgeon with Beluga being the most sought after, just as Sevruga and Oscietre are famous. In all there are 24 varieties of the old fish family, which to-day look exactly as it did many millions of years ago.

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