48 hours in Dubai

By Kim Flyvbjerg

Prada suits, an orange Lamborghini and champagne all the way. If you want to make a breakthrough in the super rich oil state of Dubai, you need to play the game. That's what Jacob Marsing-Rossini did throughout 2008 - armed with a small cooler box filled with 40,000 kronor worth of caviar. MS followed him.

"Basically I don't understand this place. I just don't know where the growth comes from. But this is where it happens. Where else can you find growth of 30 percent a year?

We drive 120km an hour in a rented orange Lamborghini Gallardo on our way from Dubai to Abu Dhabi. Actually, we would prefer to do 200, with this four million kronor toy at our disposal, but there's too much traffic.

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